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The Other SDR (Soldering-iron Defined Radio)

- updated January 30, 2020 -

News - (1-30-2020) - The ZX-SSB Project has been deprecated and will not be built
A new project, the ZX-SSB-II, has taken its place and details will be provided in the comming weeks:

News - ZX-SSB Progress
The following modules have been built and tested:
- Module 1200 - Audio amp / Mic amp (1-17-2016) Link

News - The following new information has been added:
- Added Arduino software download, parts links and YouTube instruction video for ZX-SSB - Module 1400 - Front Panel (1-30-2016) Link

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This section contains links to actual construction projects that contain full documentation and source code from which you can reproduce the project. If the notation "(Still in Development)" appears, the project documentation is not yet complete and subject to revision as I refine each module.

This section contains links to other projects I've built, but are being presented as-is for reference only with no plans to develop the documentation beyond what's currently presented.

This section contains links to other websites that I've found to be a valuable resource.