Lakeside 40 - PTO tuned DSB 40 meter transceiver

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- updated January 2, 2016 -

The Lakeside 40 is a permeability (variable inductance) tuned direct conversion DSB (Double Side Band) transceiver for 40 meters. It's based on many homebrew designs I've seen on the web; however, the biggest influence and inspiration comes from Peter Parker's Beach 40 DSB Transceiver.

So far I've only completed the PTO and receiver sections, but hope to eventually complete the transmitter portion to use the rig at Lake Marburg (at Codorus State Park in PA), which is the location that; in addition to paying indirect homage to the "Beach" in Peter's rig, inspires the "Lakeside" in its name.

References (opens new tab):
- James McNutt's (WA6OTP) PTO
- Peter Parker (VK3YE) Beach 40 DSB transceiver YouTube

Schematic of the Lakeside 40 as proposed. Only the receiver section has actually been built, the transmitter remains unproven.

Layout - Product detector / Balanced Modulator / AF preamp / AF output amp / Mic amp.

Lakeside 40 (receive only) modules on board. PTO is the RF tight box on the left, the Product detector / Balanced Modulator / AF preamp / AF output amp / Mic amp is the board in the center, and the RF preamp is on the right. Notice the SolderSmoke mug in the top of the picture; this is used to transfer the SolderSmoke mojo to the rig.

Close-up of the diode ring area of the product detector / balanced modulator.

Layout - Permeability Tuned Oscillator (PTO).

PTO undergoing initial testing.

PTO in its RF tight enclosure.

Close-up of PTO coil. Coil form is the barrel of a discarded BIC pen.

Layout - PA Driver / PA / Lowpass filter / DC Power management.

The Lakeside 40 DC receiver in action.