Manchester Clockworks

The 2007 Motionwork Study


While not exactly a timekeeper, it does contain most of the basic elements.

I put this together as simply an exercise to verify construction techniques that I would need to employ to construct small format timekeepers.

The wheels and pinions are mod 1.2 and 1.5, and the mechanism is basically just a Motionwork. The pivots are 1/16" brass, the arbors are 1/4" oak dowel, the hands are 1/8" finnish Birch (I was out of 1/16"), the plates, pillars, wheels and pinons are 0.08" Masonite, the chapter ring pillars are 1/8" birch dowel.

All holes, with exception of the 1/16" ones in the hands, and the 5/64" ones for the plate pivot holes, were cut on the scroll saw.

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